String Utilities

A couple of online string utilities written in JavaScript that you can make use of. The available utility methods are:

  • Convert a string to lowercase or uppercase
  • Character count / String lenght
  • Word count (May not be 100% accurate as word boundaries might not be what you expect them to be)
  • Reverse string
  • String splitter
  • Detailed character information (decimal, octal, hex, unicode, html escape, etc.)

To Lowercase / To Uppercase / Character Count / Word Count / Reverse

Copy-paste the string here:

String splitter

Copy-paste the string here:
Split the string using:
Default is to split on every characters. Use \f for form feeds, \n for new line, \r for carriage returns, \t for tabs.
Keep empty tokens:
Removes empty tokens, which often occurs when two separators are matched one after another with no text between.

Detailed character information

Copy-paste the character here:
Escaped unicode:  
HTML Entity: